The Unstated was born out of a passion for the unique and unconventional. We champion emerging designers from across the globe and feature future icons that enchant and inspire. We live for raw, exciting talent and value creativity above all else. We believe in the power of the unknown and seek to emulate that feeling of discovery through our collections. We pride ourselves on a highly personal service, often building up long-lasting relationships with our loyal clients.

The Unstated stands for diversity and individuality. We work closely with our brands to offer a unique insight into their creative process, delving deep into their story and exploring their one-of-a-kind aesthetics. Our brands are unafraid to challenge boundaries, divert from the norm and break the rules. Our muse? A curious woman; a woman inspired by creative souls, a woman who delights in the new and unknown. These are pieces to cherish for a lifetime, serving as more than just garments, but memory-making moments; the moment your heart beats that little bit quicker, that all-consuming feeling of desire, that overwhelming thrill of discovery.

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