The Unstated Woman | Nino Babukhadia

In ‘The Unstated Woman’ series we talk to women who embody the notion of unstated femininity. Women who are curious, individualist, progressive, compassionate and yet, undefined. 

To start the series we spoke to the founder of eponymous womenswear brand, Nino Babukhadia about the inspiration behind her designs and what femininity means to her.


Nino Babukhadia established BABUKHADIA in 2012 under the name ‘NB Atelier’, she explains, “creating my own line was always my intention. I founded BABUKHADIA at the beginning of my career and, like today, I was not afraid of obstacles; I am always ready for new challenges.” And this fervour and fortitude that is not only evident in the growing success of the brand but also its identity.


BABUKHADIA’s collections have a continuous play with masculine and feminine design traits, juxtaposing them to create pieces that are unorthodox and embody modern femininity. Nino states,


“Our creations are very different. They are made from a masculine template, turned into a female piece. BABUKHADIA’s clothes are variables; with the help of buttons and pocket you can change the whole design.”


This can be observed best with the current collection of which Babukhadia explains is “reintroducing the brand’s signature masculine touches to its strong pieces.” Continuing to explain that, “Using the oversized forms and shapes that became the brand’s trademark over the past years, the main focus of the collection is being wearable in the most comfortable way, while the handmade vegan leather, embroidery signature leather details and jewellery created to match the collection pieces, give them originality and individuality.


The primary goal of the collection is to create strong figures that are transformed in the look that once again defines today’s powerful female.”


A stand out piece from this collection is the multifunctional trench coat, which can be worn in a multitude of manners; from a simple a-line jacket to a waistcoat suitable for a man’s three-piece suit. The piece is interchangeable between the several styles, but also reflects the interchangeable nature of a BABUKHADIA woman, who Nino Babukhadia explains is, “steamy, however not flirty, feminine but not flowery, this harsh, smart, tough and dashing woman is self-confident with a strong sense of self-identity.”


This sense of self-identity is what makes the BABUKHADIA woman and Nino Babukhadia herself, an unstated woman.