The Unstated Guide to Work From Home

With the current state of affairs, many of us find ourselves working from the comfort of our own home, which is a circumstance that some will relish in and others will find troublesome, so weve put together a guide to make work from home a more natural experience. 


Develop a Routine


The most difficult aspect of working from home can be working without the set routine of wake up, shower, dress, commute and commence, so its important to develop a routine that you can uphold. For some this may mean waking up the same time that one would for a normal working day when working in the office and taking more time on usual on the work-day morning routine. For others, this may mean waking up later, spending the usual amount of time on the work-day morning routine, and for others your routine may be altered altogether, adding in a workout a brisk jog or vinyasa yoga flow are our picks. 

Whatever routine is the best fit for you, its integral to make sure its achievable and sustainable. 


Designate a Workspace


Its fair to say that not all professional workspaces are tranquil, but all workspaces are designed for work productivity and homes simply arent. Of course, many people have home offices (and if you have one, we recommend that work from it) however,  some dont and if this is the case we recommend finding a private, quiet spot in your home and designate this as your workspace.  This place will undoubtedly be different for everyone; perhaps you work more productively from your bed, or the living room sofa, or the dining table. Whatever space, claim it and work from it. 


Take a Lunch Break


This is something that many of us forget to do, even when working in the office, but studies have shown that taking a break for lunch is a must to productivity. When working at home youre presented with the opportunity to make this lunch a bit more special than a soggy sandwich or wilted salad, so even if the break away from your computer is taken whilst making a lunch thats a little more exciting and you still eat lunch at your desk,’ just be sure to step away from your monitor to give your brain a breather before proceeding with work for the latter half of the day. 


Find Your Working Soundtrack


Studies have suggested that background noise may improve focus on a task by aiding endurance, motivating and improving ones mood, and so its a good idea to find your working soundtrack. Whether its an eclectic playlist, rap music, classic, a movie soundtrack, the radio or podcasts, finding a good source of intentional background noise, that isnt distracting but helps you power through is discretionary but, immensely helpful. 


Keep Family and Flatmates Away Whilst Working


This only applies to people living with flatmates, friends, and family; keep your distance whilst working. Though imperative, this is one of the most difficult rules to follow particularly for those with young children as other members of ones household is often the biggest distraction. Though this relates to the first tip (designating a space), the best way to do this is find a space that isnt communal to work in and setting clear boundaries with the other members of your household, perhaps using your lunch break to socialise if theres a burning desire to. 


Dont Fret


Its natural to fret about your workload, more than you would at the office; communication with employees is restricted to video and audio calls, text messaging and email, you might feel as though youre productivity levels are lower, management may check in on you more than usual. The best thing to remember in these circumstances is that you can only do your best in the given circumstances. Stay motivated, manage your workload as usual and discuss any obstacles with your employer/employees.