Behind The Brand | A Conversation with Anna October



We spoke to Ukrainian designer, Anna October about the inspirations and ethos behind her eponymous brand, and discuss running it during a pandemic. 



Tell us a bit about the initial concept behind the brand.


My purpose of making new clothes is based on three points. I believe that clothes have to give new emotional experience, be practical and be an amazing design object that aligns into the existing aesthetic environment of the person buying it.



How have art and vintage styles inspired your collections?


To be honest I think it’s not obvious in my work, the art background, it just gives me a better sensitivity, the feeling of color and attention to details. But I rarely reference my work to some exact art objects. Usually it’s just the feeling that I want to translate and sometimes it could be assimilated with some art, but it’s only the viewers' decision. Speaking about lingerie, it’s the most tactile piece of clothes, it’s closer to the body and tactileness is very important for me and I want to give this to my clients. First I discovered lingerie in Paris and was amazed how tender it can be, little differences between shades of silk, tiny straps, it makes me happy, I want to share this tenderness with others.



How have you coped with the pandemic? Has it changed the way the brand operates?


I think it’s one of the most productive times during my 10 years career. Thanks to my amazing team we managed to make everything on time, we didn’t skip the season and we came up with many productive ideas that we are putting now into our system. I was so focused on design when being at home that I decided to launch the new line of beauty accessories and lingerie that will be launched this winter.



What is the ethos and values of Anna October?


It's about femininity, consciousness, sincerity.




How do you continue to stay inspired?


I keep some sort of sensitivity to myself and the world. I work on myself and this makes me alert and questioning. I like to create and this is a very continuous process. I always like to improve, ‘this drives me forward. I love womanhood and want to bring something amazing to women that I like.



Tell us a bit about the current collection and what is to come for Anna October.


It’s my research on femininity and tenderness; clothes I wanted to create for myself and my girlfriends. Something very feminine and comfortable, to spend each day in the very special vibe. I was inspired by the lingerie and intimacy of relationships with myself.



What role does sustainability play in the way pieces are designed and manufactured?


It's the basis. I try to think consciously and implement this into my work. To make less but better with existing fabric stock. Step by step.



What does a ‘modern woman’ mean to you?


She is true to herself, she enjoys being a woman.