As Styled By: Tina | Style Appetite

As part of our 'As Styled By' series we spoke to Tina of the fashion and lifestyle blog, 'Style Appetite' about her approach to fashion, creativity and womanhood. 


Hello Tina! Tell us a bit about yourself. 


Hi there! I’m Tina and based in Berlin, Germany. Actually I was born in the north of Germany in a small village next to the Baltic Sea – a lovely space for holidays by the way. I’ve moved to Berlin around 10 years ago to study Business Administration, since then I have worked in different jobs such as a marketing manager, and lately as a business analyst.



How did you get into fashion and why did you start ‘Style Appetite’? 


My aim behind 'Style Appetite' was mainly to have a personal space and outlet for my creativity. 

After finishing my studies and working in different areas of marketing and economics, I realised that my love for fashion was not fulfilled with my office job. I have always been interested in fashion and design, as well as travelling and discovering my own beautiful city of Berlin.



What inspires you; both creatively and in life?


I'm inspired on a daily basis, I’m of course getting inspired by Instagram and Pinterest. There are so many inspiring women and profiles out there! Also, I’m a big fan of coffee table books as well as visiting museums and art galleries – there are plenty of spaces in and around Berlin to discover. In life generally, I’m definitely a family person so they always come first. I want to be known as a postive-minded person that is kind and supportive. 



What advice would you give anyone interested in starting a fashion blog or looking to create creative content?


Get an idea of what your concept should be about and then start immediately! It doesn’t have to be perfect right away, you’ll figure out which way to go and what the details will look like. Also, don't be afraid to ask for help. There are lovely people out there who can help you and build your network as you go along. 

Creating content is easy when you have a clear visual strategy. Decide which style and images you are going for and feel free to try new things, especially on Instagram there tends to be certain trends on how a feed should look. Don’t get confused by this – you do you! 



How have you been coping with social distancing? Have you had to adapt the way you work?


For my business analyst job, it definitely changed a lot. We've all been working from home since March and I haven’t been to our Berlin offices ever since, I guess it won’t go back to normal that soon. Regarding my social media and blog, I’ve mostly adapted to do my photoshoots at home or around our apartment. Unfortunately, fashion weeks and blogger events won’t happen that soon again, so I‘m definitely missing the networking part of my job. 



Are there any core values that you apply to your work and life?


Always treat others with the same respect that you would expect from them. This might sound lame but, good manners are never out of fashion! Being on time and replying to mails etc, are such small and easy things but will always show that you care and that you’re respectful. 



What does womanhood mean to you?


I think our image of women has changed a lot during the past years; finally women are free to shape their own way of living and how they want to present themselves. For me, it’s not about how a woman looks or dresses but the way she carries herself and if she’s comfortable in her own skin. But I also have to say that your favourite dress or pair of shoes will always make you more self confident and this will show to the outside world, too.   



What are you looking forward to wear next season?


I’m definitely a fan of flowy, airy dresses. In summer, I’ll pair them with flats or heels for a night out and in winter I’ll wear them with over-knee boots. You can never go wrong with this combo. 

Apart from that, a good suit will always make me feel powerful and fierce. I’m looking forward to statement shoulders, asymmetric drapes or volume – these small details that make a difference.