As Styled By | Elizaveta


As part of our new series 'As Styled By', fashion stylist Elizaveta put together some looks from our current and upcoming collections, before sitting down with us to talk about her inspirations, most-loved wardrobe pieces and the essence of womanhood.  



Tell us a bit about yourself. 


I was born in Moscow but moved to the UK ten years ago for my studies.  I have been based in London for five years now and I am working as a fashion stylist, doing both personal and editorial styling. 



What inspired you and how did you become a stylist?


Initially studying Mathematics and then switching my degree to Business at university, I wasnt planning to choose styling as my job. I always had an interest in fashion but never really considered building my career in the industry.


While studying, I started doing internships and working part-time in various fashion companies to get a deeper insight into the industry and get an idea of what kind of job attracts me within the sector. I was really enjoying assisting stylists at Tatler and BURO and loved the busy and, sometimes, even stressful environment, in which the stylists worked.


After working in fashion PR, I realised that I would like to come back to styling and I started taking some projects as a freelancer. Already having a lot of connections in the industry, I immediately got a good client base, which allowed me to leave my current job and concentrate on styling.



How did you develop your sense of style?


Its still in process, I guess. Ive never been following any trends, as I believe everyone should wear what they want and feel instead of following what the crowd wears. This is one of the reasons why I love styling and fashion in general. You can express yourself by the way you choose and combine garments and accessories. Your style is a part of your personality and your character.



Who and what do you look to for inspiration?


Although, Ive been living in London for the last five years and I think that it was the period when I developed my style, I cannot say that I was influenced a lot by this city. My inspiration was always 60s French style. I love Paris and the effortless and chic looks of Parisian girls.


Collaborating with many creatives also inspires me a lot. I love combining different visions and ideas and putting them together into one concept.



What are your most-loved pieces in your wardrobe at present?


Im obsessed with vintage clothing; I find every garment very unique. My favourite piece at the moment is probably a vintage Thierry Mugler blazer that I found on Vestiaire Collective. Its not very practical and I only wore it twice but I really love it. Also, will never have enough oversized biker leather jackets!



What is your must-have piece this summer?


I dont think I have any must-have pieces for this summer. When it comes to choosing and buying clothes, I am very instinctual and see how I feel, so dont really plan in advance what Ill wear. Recently, I bought a really cool vintage maxi kimono that Im going to wear belted as a dress. This is the only piece so far I cannot wait to wear this summer.



What are your next ventures?


Working on several projects now that Im really excited about. My goals for the next few months are to increase my client base and grow my portfolio further. Im also launching a vintage shop very soon. I have so many ideas and plans for the future but prefer to keep them to myself.



What does womanhood mean to you?


For me, womanhood is something that comes more from the inside. A woman is more than just her look and what makes her physically attractive. Every woman should take care of herself and pay a lot of attention to how she looks, but she should also be inspiring and independent, have her own life goals and motivations.